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Does wearing your glasses make your vision worse?

No. Wearing your glasses is a treatment designed to improve the quality of your vision. It does not cure your visual condition, it corrects it. In order to eradicate your prescription needs, it would require Lasik or cataract surgery or some sort of surgical intervention.

Does eating carrots help your eyesight?

This is a myth. Carrots do not help your eye sight. Leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale are more helpful to your eyesight. In addition, following the guidelines set forth by the AREDS II study for vitamin supplementation are more helpful to providing the eyes (in particular the macula) with the vitamins it needs to thrive as we get older. Also avoiding, smoking is a major factor in protecting the integrity and overall health of the eye.

Did I cause my cataracts?

Cataracts is a natural change the lens within our eyes go thru as we age and have increased exposure to UV light radiation. If we all live long enough, we all my experience the need for cataract extraction. In order to protect your eyes, wear polarized UV light protective sunglasses. This will help retard the progression of cataracts.

Is watching television and using the computer worsening my eyesight?

This is also a myth. It is ok to watch TV and use the computer without hurting your eyes. However, electronic devices such as these should be viewed with reasonable background lighting and with your corrective eye wear on. It is also important to understand that newer computers have increased visual displays that are brighter than before and anti-glare coatings help in reducing eye strain and fatigue caused by the new computer screen displays.

If I stop relaying on my eyeglasses to see, will my eyesight get better?

Unfortunately, if you need glasses and wearing them corrects your vision, this is an indication that your eyes have a significant refractive error. With this in mind, your eyes will not simply improve or see better without the use of corrective eye wear, LASIK type or cataract surgeries.

Why does my eyesight keep getting worse?

As we get older, the eye goes thru processes that change the dynamic of its anatomy. This change can account for changes in the lens of our eyes as well as changes within the shape of our cornea that dictates the prescription of our glasses before the age of 40. There is also genetic factors involved that can also play a role in our vision and whether or not we need glasses too.

Is LASIK for everyone?

No. There are several factors that go into determining whether or not a patient is a candidate for LASIK surgery.

Will contacts hurt my eyes?

Contacts are medical devices that require care when using. As long as you follow you doctors instructions and do not over use or over wear your contacts, then your contact lens experience should be fine. Proper lid and overall hygiene is also important when handling your contacts so it is always important to wash your hands during the application and removal process of your contacts.

When I turned 40 I suddenly couldn’t read up close, is that normal?

This is a normal. It is a condition called Presbyopia. This is where the lens within our eyes no longer have the capability to focus on items close to our line of sight.

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